About Us

National Training Centre of Australia (NTCA) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and nationally recognised educational institute based in Melbourne, Australia. NTCA trains individuals, businesses and community groups. We have 9 years’ experience in designing and delivering IT Courses, Business Courses, IT Short Courses and Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing Courses.

Our accredited training courses, which meet the training delivery requirements of the VET Quality Framework (VQF), include:

  • Certificate IV in Business
  • Certificate IV in Web-Based Technologies

In addition, we offer non-accredited and short courses to suit the needs of individuals and corporates alike to ensure that your skills, and the skills of your organisation are kept as relevant and sharp as possible.

Our competitive advantage comes in the flexibility with which you and/or your staff can learn. We offer a selection of training modalities, from complete online training through to a blended learning environment of online, classroom-based, and workplace-based.

Ultimately, the purpose of any learning is to improve oneself, and one’s workforce. NTCA can be your training partner, and help unlock the door to career advancement, greater job satisfaction and financial rewards, and empower your workforce to enhance their effectiveness.


NTCA is committed to the provision of quality education and training to the VET and corporate sectors.

Through the provision of a flexible learning environment, led by professional management, we seek to make access to targeted vocational education easier, and enhance learning outcomes.


We seek to become a leading VET and corporate training provider by;

  • Delivering innovative, distinctive and current industry-relevant training programs in the areas of Information Technology, Business, Management, Marketing and Social Media Marketing
  • Putting the highest priority on academic excellence
  • Employing only highly qualified, experienced and dedicated Staff
  • Leveraging our strong industry partnerships and alliances for the benefit of students

How do we differ?

What makes NTCA stand out in the crowded world of VET providers? Well, we’re glad you asked:

  • Small class sizes ensure individual attention
  • Flexible training and learning options, including online, classroom, and work-based
  • Trainers have academic and industry experience
  • Teaching and learning with real world exposure
  • Full course notes (CD or USB drive) will enable you to focus on the subject matter instead of taking notes
  • No programming, scripting or complex tagging for SEO Courses – suits both marketers and developers
  • Close relationships with industry partners in order to provide enrolees with industry experience, and networking.